A Band of Anglers Dartspin 4.5 Hyperlastics (Multiple Colors)

A Band of Anglers Dartspin 4.5 Hyperlastics (Multiple Colors)

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LURE Quantity Length Weight Hook Size
Dartspin™ 4.5"
2 Lures (Unrigged) 4.5" (121mm) 1/4oz (8g) Not Included


A Patrick Sébile design, the Dartspin™ is a very versatile and advanced engineered soft plastic bait. Its body can be rigged many ways - on a weedless swimbait hook, jig head, Texas Rig, Carolina Rig, football jig, drop shot, inline treble hook, or a super strong and compact single hook for big fish - while the willow leaf blade adds flash and vibration. Great as a trailer bait on swimming jig, rubber jig, spinnerbait, buzzbait and others!

The Dartspin™ is designed to do what you want: cast and retrieving, trolling, twitching, pitching, jigging into heavy cover or open water, fresh or salt, shallow or deep. No matter the action, it follows what you want it to do as it offers a wide variety of action depending on how it is used, making the Dartspin™ one of the most versatile lures ever designed.

A patent pending screw system allows for a long-lasting connection with swivel and blade, allowing for many catches with low risk of losing the gear, catch after catch, cast after cast. Molded in hook paths are made into the lure body for easy rigging, including a patent pending system that allows for a greater holding on dedicated jig heads and wide gap hooks.