Crackshot Ray Guardz

Crackshot Ray Guardz

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Sting Ray Guardz™ are manufactured with 1000 Denier Nylon Fabric encasing polycarbonate inserts.

The material has 2 ounce rubber water proofing applied to inside surface to prevent water pockets from forming inside the Guardz.

Sting Ray Guardz™ are secured in place with two 1 inch polyester straps and quick release buckles with an additional 1 inch polyester strap going under the foot to prevent “floating up” while wading.

Sting Ray Guardz™ must be worn over wading shoes or boots since they offer no protection to the sole, toes or front of the foot.


Sizes                                    Calf Circumference

  • Medium                                   9” to 14”
  • Large                                      14” to 18”
  • X-Large                                   18” to 23”