Coastal Brew Bait Co. Dart Lures

Coastal Brew Bait Co. Dart Lures

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The Coastal Brew "Dart" may very well be the epitome of a trout bait. Equipped with a long, thin, and whippy tail, this bait triggers bites like you have never experienced. Worked with an erratic "pop, pop and fall" retrieve, saltwater gamefish simply can't resist the urge to engulf one of these baits. Mimicking a wounded baitfish or fleeing shrimp, you'll feel like you're cheating each time you rig one of these baits up.

Comes in 5 inch and 6 inch sizes to suit any and every scenario.

5" Dart - 8 Pack

6" Dart - 6 Pack

These lures are scented with premium coffee scent.