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Lew's® Custom Inshore Speed Spool SLP Series Lew's® Custom Inshore Speed Spool SLP Series

The Custom Inshore SLP’s innovative fast starting forged, double anodized aluminum deep U style 32mm spool holds 120 yards of 12-pound monofilamen. The new Lew’s combat grip pad on the thumb bar adds comfort and control to each and every cast. The smoothness and durability comes from its premium 10-bearing system with sealed corrosion resistant stainless steel ball bearings and Zero Reverse anti-reverse one-way clutch bearing. The reel is a one-piece aluminum frame with a strong, lightweight carbon handle sideplate with a graphite palming sideplate.

Price: $199.99
13Fishing Concept Z 13Fishing Concept Z

The Concept Z is the first ever high-performance casting reel manufactured with zero ball bearings. It utilizes American made CZB (Concept Zero Bearing) polymer technology to deliver shocking results. The Concept Z cast lures significantly farther than reels with regular ball bearings. This high performance reel is quiet, effortless, and controllable due to the CZB technology. Once you hook up, the 22lbs Bulldog drag and Japanese Hamai cut gearing will do the rest, all you have to do is turn the handle.

Model #: Concept Z
Bearings: Zero
Weight: 6.4 oz
Line Capacity (Yards/Lbs): 135/12
Gear Ratio: 7.3:1
Inches Per Turn: 28.9"

Price: $199.99
Team Lew's® LITE Speed Spool® LFS Series Team Lew's® LITE Speed Spool® LFS Series

The Team Lew’s® Lite baitcast reel features Lew’s® all-new LFS (Lighter, Faster, Stronger) frame platform built around a one-piece die-cast aluminum skeletal frame with lightweight but strong Carbon C45 sideplates. Achieving a weight of only 5.7 ounces in a metal reel without using magnesium parts is a testament to the design and materials innovations behind the development of the series.

Model #: TLL1H
Bearings: 10+1
Weight: 5.7 oz
Line Capacity (Yards/Lbs): 120/12
Gear Ratio: 6.8:1
Inches Per Turn: 28"

Price: $239.99
Team Lew’s® HyperMag Speed Spool® SLP Series Team Lew’s® HyperMag Speed Spool® SLP Series

Built on the exclusive SLP Super Low Profile platform, which is Lew’s lowest profile design. The HyperMag is also Lew’s lightest baitcast reel, weighing only 5.4 ounces. One-piece magnesium frame, C45 carbon sideplates and premium 11-bearing system with double-shielded stainless bearings and Zero-Reverse anti-reverse clutch bearing. Gears are hard-anodized aluminum alloy. Has an innovative 32mm aircraft-grade Duralumin U-shape spool that starts and accelerates faster than large spools so it simply handles light line and lures better than traditional-size baitcasters, without compromising power and performance to also be able to handle all other bass fishing techniques.

Price: $299.99
Lews Pro Titanium Lews Pro Titanium

Model #: TLPT1SH
Bearings: 10 +1
Weight: 6.3 oz
Line Capacity (Yards/Lbs): 120/12
Gear Ratio: 7.5:1
Inches Per Turn: 30
Max Drag: 20lb

Price: $349.99