Waterloo Rods absolutely dominates any type of fishing. Whether you are a seasoned bass angler or a fisherman that appreciate the best equipment, Waterloo Rods are for you. Bass fishing is big business in the United States and Waterloo Rods are the nest fishing rods available. We have a variety of models that will help you win that next tournament or catch that fish of a lifetime.

Mag 3
(Fluke/Top Water)
The Waterloo Mag 3 is designed primarily for spinner baits and soft jerk baits. This rod has a lighter tip than the Waterloo Mag 4, with all of the backbone. Available in lengths of 6'6", 6'9" and 7'0". Lure weight is 1/4 - 3/4 oz and Line weight is 10 - 17 lb with Medium Fast Action


Starting At: $219.99
Mag 3.5
(Spinner Bait)

The Waterloo Mag 3.5 is a good all around Bass fishing rod. It has the power of the Mag 4, and the extra fast tip of the Mag 3. It can work several lures such as jigs and spinner baits. This versatile rod is a must have for avid anglers. 6'6", 6'9" and 7'0". Lure weight is 1/4 - 3/4 oz and Line weight is 10 - 17 lb with a Heavy Extra Fast Action.

Starting At: $219.00
Mag 4
 (Texas/Carolina Rig)
The Waterloo Mag 4 is excellent for worm fishing. This rod is a fast tapered, extremely sensitive hook setting tool. The 6'6" and 6'9" rods are great lengths for Texas-rigged worms. The 7'0" is a must have for the sweeping hook set of Carolina -rigged fishing. The Lure weight is 1/4 -1 oz and the Line weight is 12 - 20 lb with a Heavy Fast Action.
Starting At: $219.99
Scrape Rod   The ultimate in flipping and pitching rod for big jigs in deep heavy cover. There is no equal in stiffness-to- weight ratio. When you have to get them up from deep structure fast, the Waterloo Scrape Rod is it. Available in tried and proven lengths of 6'10" and 7'3". Lure weight is 1/2 - 3 oz and Line weight is 17 - 30 lb
Starting At: $279.99
Deep Crank'R   We designed the Deep Crank'R for casting deep diving crankbaits and Lipless Crankbaits. It has very fast tip to help keep the fish from throwing your bait. New for 2007, this is another great addition to help extend our Bass line of fishing rods. Available in a length of 7'2".  Lure weight is  -  oz and Line weight is  -  lb.
Starting At: $219.99
Pitching Stick

The Pitching Stick was designed for light jigs, tubes, smaller creature baits like the Sweet Beaver and also used for Carolina rigs. With a solid strong backbone to get your fish in the boat. Available in 6'9" and 7'0" lengths. Lure weight is 1/4 - 5/8 oz and Line weight is  12 - 25 lb with a Heavy Fast Action.

Starting At: $219..99

Whacky Stick

 The Whacky Stick is Great for Senkos, Flukes, and other finesse fishing techniques, with sensitive tip and hearty backbone to provide a good hookset.  This 7'6" long rod is great for casting your senko or finesse bait a long distance. Line weight is 8 - 17 lb with a Medium Fast Action.
Starting At: $219.99